154 original watercolours steam ships & manuscript maritime 1864-1964
153 original watercolours of steam ships, 3 copies of an original typed manuscript entitled: A Century of Bournemouth Paddle Steamers, together with a quantity of related ephemera.

153 water-colours of steam ships, 1 water-colour of a flag, 2 uncoloured pencil drawings of steamers, 1 pencil drawing of a car - all drawings are on individual cards and are unmounted; together with 3 copies of an un-published manuscript entitled ‘A Century of Bournemouth Steamers: 1864-1964’, and a quantity of ephemera, photos and news clippings relating to steam ships. The manuscript and paintings are the work of Albert H. White. The watercolours are of a very high quality, and appear to have been executed over a 30 year period from the beginning of the 1920s to the end of the 1940s. Many are captioned with the names of the ships and signed and dated by the artist. The items of ephemera date from 1913 to the 1960s. The manuscript contains histories of the steam packet companies, individual steam ships, news excerpts of a collission of 2 steamers in 1901, time-tables and pricing structures. It runs to 101 pages (typed recto only). 1 copy is complete and bound in blue cloth covers, the other 2 copies are incomplete.
Introduction to 'A Century of Bournemouth Steamers'
In introducing this work, the first of its kind dealing exclusively with the subject of the pleasure steamers that have carried out the summer excursions from Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers during the past century and the personalities connected with them over the period, I imagine there must be amongst us many to day who have probably heard little of their exploits and of the many varied and colourful occasions connected with their comings and goings. As a resident born on the Westcliff of Bournemouth, I have been in touch with his truly fascinating subject over a period of nearly 70 years, and have been urged to write my impression of the scene by a number of the old school.
Therefore, I am pleased to be able to place on record a history of this wonderful collection of paddlers that have given so much pleasure to many, and also of their great contribution to Bournemouth as a seaside resort, it being an established fact that during the period mentioned, many thousands came to the town chiefly for the Marine excursions offered throughout the season, this fact alone having placed Bournemouth in the unique position of being able to provide through a large number of steamers, facilities probably unequalled anywhere else. I hope that the following pages might prove to be a source of interest to many, including those who may still remember the pre-1914 era, which from 1900 was the peak period involving the largest number of steamers employed, 12 in all by four companies, to whom much praise must be given for such a large and varied selection of trips, which were carried out with but one major incident without loss of life.
This speaks volumes for the care and concern of public safety provided by these crews whose courtesy has always been a household word with trippers to this day under the present restricted services, still operating. The changing circumstances of today created by the limitless form of transport now emerging, bringing with it the inevitable craze for speed in all forms of travel, coupled with the high costs involved, having foolishly robbed many of the desire to take the sea air in the shape of Marine excursions, which might eventually leave behind a lost opportunity of an invigorating secret enjoyed by a great number of our forebears, unless the present remnant of paddle vessels can be kept going or replaced.
While accepting this as a sign of the times, we might perhaps be tempted to lose sight of, and probably later regret the passing of a phase in Bournemouth's historic associations, a fact which might eventually be in danger of falling into oblivion, and it is with this object in view that I would wish to record a chain of events which by now must inevitably be regarded as an epoch, a part of which it has been my privilege and pleasure to witness.