Photo Album Egypt Construction of Esna Bridge - Nile Luxor Aswan 1906-1908
An interesting and probably unique photographic record of the construction of the Esna barrage on the Nile. The album consists of 48 images taken throughout the construction and up to its completion. The photos are mounted 2 per side on both sides of each page, in a bespoke fabric covered album. The hinges and spine of the album shows some damage and fraying.

Esna is located on the west bank of the River Nile, some 55 km south of Luxor. The town was formerly part of the modern Qena Governorate, but as of 9/12/2009, has been incorporated into the new Luxor Governorate. Two barrage bridges straddle the Nile at this point: one built by the British in 1906, and the "Electricity Bridge" built in the 1990s. Navigation, particularly, Nile cruisers ferrying tourists from Luxor to Aswan 155 km further upstream, can be held up for hours while vessels negotiate their way through the lock system.
The old Esna dam was the principal source of irrigation supply for the Governorate of Qena, supplying water to 125,000 hectares of agricultural land. Built in 1908 with the piers made of sandstone rubble masonry around a centre of hydraulic mortar and then repaired and reinforced in 1947 (Ref:
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Size: 245 x 190 Mm